Private copying remuneration in Europe
Compensation receivers
Distribution decision 2014
Compensation receivers

The collected private copying remunerations are forwarded to the rights owners through copyright societies. Distribution decision 2014>

For more information about the organizations receiving the compensation, see:

The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture

Gramex is a copyright society which promotes and administers the rights of performing artists whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms

Kirjallisuuden edistämiskeskus
Finnish Centre for Performing of Literature

Copyright Organization for Authors, Publishers and Performing Artists


The Finnish Music Foundation (MES) was founded in 2012 for promoting and supporting Finnish music, both performing and creative. It continues the funding activities of ESEK (The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) and LUSES (The Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music), which have ceased their activities


The Finnish Composers' Copyright Society


The Copyright Association for Audiovisal Producers in Finland


The Promotional Centre for Finnish Visual Arts

Anti-Piracy Centre in Finland