Remuneration for private copying

Everyone is allowed to copy published works, such as music, movies, television and radio broadcasts for their own private use in Finland.

The private copying remuneration system in Finland is efficient!
The private copying remuneration system is used to compensate the creators, such as authors, performers and producers, for the private copying of their works. The system guarantees a legal and easy way for consumers to copy works (music, movies, texts etc.) into devices provided by the manufacturers and importers.

Private Copying Remuneration to be included in the State Budget (12.12.2014) On 10 December 2014, The Parliament of Finland has approved a revision to the Copyright Act
Our office moved to Kampin Huippu in March! (12.3.2014) From Monday 24th of March our new address will be Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C
No changes to private copying levies in 2014 (13.12.2013) The scope and the level of private copying remuneration in Finland is set by a governmental decree annually. Finnish Government is not going to make changes to the decree for year 2014

Sunrise Avenue

ESEK (The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) supports national performing artists and musicians. The promotional activities are largely funded using funds collected from the levy on private copying. Read more
Virtual Air Guitar Company

AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) uses its share of copyright remuneration to promote audiovisual culture: cinema, video and television. The majority of the funds that AVEK distributes originate from private copying levy, eg. from blank video cassettes and blank DVDs. One of the supported projects is Kung-Fu Live.
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Surveys 2014 (20.10.2014) Research company Taloustutkimus has conducted two surveys on private copying in spring 2014

Private copying survey 2013 (16.9.2013) Taloustutkimus Oy conducted a survey on private copying in spring 2013

Imported products (11.02.2014) Statistics for imported products subject to the private copying remuneration