Professional use

Exemption of private copying remuneration

Private copying remuneration is compensation of private copying. The criteria for exemption of the private copying remuneration is stated in the Finnish Copyright Act (26§). The user or exporter is entitled to a refund for the recordable media or devices bought for the following purposes:

  • Export
  • Professional, educational or scientific research purposes
  • Making reproductions for the handicapped
  • IT memory or copying equipment in professional activity

Professional use of recordable media

All company or community-related copying can be considered as professional use, and therefore it is not included in the private copying remuneration scheme. For example, user back-up of files is considered a justification for exemption of private copying remuneration.

Right to purchase recordable media without private copying remuneration

Companies/communities may be granted the right to buy recordable media/carriers without paying private copying remuneration.

To receive the exemption, one must sign a declaration to Teosto, which states that blank media is not used for private copying. Professional user receives a unique ID, which entitles to purchase recordable media/carriers from importers and manufacturers, who have a sales contract with Teosto.

Declaration of Professional Use of Recordable Media>

Sales of non-remunerated products recordable media/carriers for professional use

Companies/Communities receive the right to buy non-remunerated recordable media and devices by making a contract with Teosto. Products can be sold without remuneration only to those businesses/communities, which have a unique purchase identification code given by Teosto.

Recordable media/carriers exempted for professional use:
  • External hard disk
  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • CD
  • Minidisc
  • VHS
  • C-Cassette

List of retailers with right to sell non-remunerated recordable media and devices for professional use>


Professional users may apply for refund afterwards. Refund must be applied within 3 months after the end of the purchase year.

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